It’s all life

Something crossed my mind tonight as I was washing the black shirt I wear a lot these days. I’ve been wearing only black things since dad passed away, but not really or only because it is the tradition in my country – this is how I feel and this is what the mind naturally chooses to do, it’s somehow that the brain becomes color resistant in grief – at least this is the best I can describe it with words. It totally is not me though to wear only black, so I had to buy some shirts, the one I was washing being one of them. My mind wandered off in this process to the phone conversation I had had earlier in the evening – I wasn’t feeling well at all in the first place when the phone rang, and there was this person calling with lots of shiny and glittering details about going on a luxurious holiday. Not a word about me, my life, my feelings, if and how I’m coping. Just about how great the place is, how much it costs, how special the accommodation will be… I sort of couldn’t grasp why I had to endure listening to all that boasting in this period of my life, with or without the situation with my dad I’m miles away from such a lifestyle and people involved in that story. Then as I was wrenching the shirt, I suddenly realized how firmly black its color is and how different life is for every one of us in any given moment – somebody is embarking on a high style journey, somebody is as we say wrapped up in black, somebody out there is being born at that very instant, somebody is celebrating a birthday or an anniversary. Somebody is getting married or divorced, somebody is sick or dying, somebody is being buried. It has always fascinated me how so many different things could be going on in the exact same fraction of time on this planet. Good, great, bad and horrible things, all together. And it is all life.


4 thoughts on “It’s all life

  1. I have also thought about how different things can be happening all at the same moment. I love the way that you put your words together. Yes, it is all life. Hugs to you my friend – Judy

    1. Thank you Judy so much for this comment, it really makes me happy to know that you like my writing and it encourages me to go on in every possible sense. It’s all definitely life and we have to live what happens to us. Lots of hugs to you dear Judy, Tanja

      1. I was quite good in writing even back in primary school, then I guess it’s also a lifetime of studying languages that helped – but believe me I do struggle both to put what I want to say in English and to type it, in Serbian it would be a lot easier 🙂 I love your blog, especially when you talk about things you made and learned, it’s so nice. And it’s great to get to know Minnesota through your photos, it’s very beautiful over there ❤

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