My very first zinnias


I’m dedicating this unusual post to my fellow blogger Jim who has such an incredibly fascinating garden, home of many fabulous zinnias, among dozens of wonderful flower varieties – In Jim’s garden

His beautiful photos can truly heal the soul and as I watching them on the evening before my birthday, I commented how much I loved his zinnias’ photos and that they don’t grow so easily here where I live. Actually I had never had a zinnias’ bouquet in my home… till the next morning! šŸ˜® šŸ™‚ Was is some weird, unusual coincidence or something else I have no idea, but the next morning I got up, my mom wished me happy birthday and showed me the flowers she bought for me. I took these, she said, because I thought you might like something new… I couldn’t believe my eyes! šŸ˜® It was as if somebody translated them from the computer screen into my real life and it was such fun having them around, so I had to immortalize that moment with some beautiful photos. šŸ™‚






5 thoughts on “My very first zinnias

    1. Thank you so much… whenever I was abroad, I was called precisely Tania, it’s easier to pronounce it that way. Actually my full name is Tatjana, but actually every Tatjana in Serbia (and Russia from where this name comes) is called Tanja. Tatjana is only for official purposes in my life. Again, it was my father who gave me this name, he’s been very fond of Russia and Russian people all his life. Your welcome for the shout-out, it’s my pleasure to share with people how beautiful your home is.

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