Novak Djokovic and Nenad Zimonjic won titles in Rome and dedicated them to people in Serbia and Bosnia




Nenad Zimonjic and Daniel Nestor won the title in Rome

Yesterday evening I wrote a blog about these two great athletes and wonderful guys and how they took the initiative to help the victims of the floods in Serbia, Bosnia and other surrounding areas. As my people is still battling with the consequences of the worst flood ever in this region, these guys made a huge effort to be the best today on the Roman court and succeeded. They didn’t play only for themselves, but also for all those who are suffering back home and who will be helped from their prize money from this tournament.

I’m just a common, insignificant person myself and my life situation is such that I can’t make a true difference and give some important contribution to help people in need, 25.000 have been evacuated so far only in Serbia. My heart is with them and their stories touch me deeply, which makes me even more angry with my condition. When I see them immensely happy and grateful even for one plastic bottle of safe water, I really wish I could be able to be somewhere out there to offer some tangible help, such as filling the sandbags or carrying goods to the evacuation points. I did send several sms donations and apart from that, I have this blog to reach out to the world and share our story, hoping that maybe somewhere out there even just one person might send some little help. That would make me truly happy, because I would know that I contributed somehow to make things better. It would make me feel a bit more meaningful as a person I guess if something that I did brought some good to somebody left with nothing.

If you have time, check out Novak’s foundation’s site which explains the situation and ways to help:

or his official website:

Thank you on behalf of those who suffer and to whom it will mean a whole world!
Together we are stronger!

Djokovic per la Bosnia 5 _mediagallery-page

2 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic and Nenad Zimonjic won titles in Rome and dedicated them to people in Serbia and Bosnia

  1. I am happy they won they tournament. And thank you for the links. My friends and I have given money to the Red Cross to help your area ❤

    1. Thank YOU indeed so much… I had tears in my eyes when I read this, you’re such a wonderful person! Thank you and all your friends for helping our Red Cross to help Serbia, they always use donations for the right purposes. There are many volunteers now working for the Red Cross and distributing everything that arrives to the evacuated people, there are girls staying there even just to keep company and give moral support especially to the sick and elderly who are proud of them and thankful even for just a bit of water and a bar of soap. Novak Djokovic alone by donating his own prize and other money he gathered so far will be helping with more than 1,5 million euros which is remarkable, he’s a really good person so I shared links he provided knowing that everything that arrives will definitely reach those in need, he did some truly great things here. Thank you again, God bless you and your friends… and I wish you all the best in life! ❤ ❤ ❤ If there is anything I can do for you, whenever, I'm here!!!

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