Today I saw some really amazing blog entries by people whose blogs I discovered thanks to their visits to my relatively new blog. I am very grateful to everybody who stopped by and liked what I posted or decided to follow me and I sincerely admire how talented, interesting and special you guys are. Yet it makes me even more doubtful of my own qualities and what I have to offer to the world, doubtful of how well I can express myself in English or if I am creative at all. Anxiety’s first impulse is to back off, give up and mostly flight rather than fight I’d say as I already did on numerous occasions. I must be changing though because I decided to stick around a bit longer and keep this diary alive, as opposed to all those I started on paper and never persevered with. Something must be changing too because today I wiped all the dust away from my camera bag I once used to carry around a lot and which hasn’t been used literally for years till this spring. It’s hard to be only an indoor photographer because 65 m2 surely don’t offer infinite sources of inspiration, but my cactus decided to help me. Flowers helped me in the darkest moments in these last years, so maybe they can still give me hand. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cactus

  1. I think this photo is wonderful so I am signing up to follow you, I think you have a talent for photography 🙂

    1. Thank you again so much for the likes, comments, for following the blog and for your beautiful words – sometimes it’s pretty easy for me to get discouraged, so the words of support always mean really a lot. I do have quite a lot of photos from some previous let’s say better life periods, but I was never sure if people might like them. I’ll try to stay on the happy track about it and hopefully manage to post some other photos that can be interesting. Thanks again and all the best!

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