Panic vs. Freedom

I was once in a situation when I had to represent my life artistically. Being an amateur photographer with some experience (I used different cameras in my life, I developed black and white photos myself and took a two semester photography course during one of several bachelor degree programs I attended, but I still feel I have so much to learn), I thought I might use photos to explain where I am in life and where I would like to be instead. It was last year that I turned this idea into reality, but as nothing has changed since then, it’s still very current and expressive. I shut myself up in every sense in these last 7 years, which means that I also virtually stopped taking photos. I lost interest in all my passions, in everything I used to love. But as I said in the previous post, maybe it’s better not to let my creations sleep on the hard disc of my computer covered with oblivion, it’s nicer to share them with people. Maybe it can help me find some way back out to the life I would like to have. Maybe. Or maybe not. Let’s hope for the best…


I live in Serbia and this picture was taken at the Belgrade Zoo during my last remission, a little bear unsuccessfully trying to chew his way out to the freedom. It’s an artistic representation of my struggle to break down the invisible walls of my world confined by panic.


On the other hand, this picture represents my dream of being able to enjoy freedom in open space once again some day, if ever…


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