If there is no agitation, there is no writing. The man who is in balance with the world around him has no need to analyze it, to him it is sufficient to simple live in it. Agitation I’d say, or even discontent makes us search for the causes and dream of things beyond reality…

Aleksandar Tišma, Serbian novelist

I do believe that a perfectly balanced life is something only rare people are blessed with. It must be wonderful to be in perfect harmony with yourself, utterly happy because at some given point everything has fallen into its place. Then you simply live, inhale life to the fullest, run around without much thinking. I still have some distant glimpses of such brief moments in my life and I cherish them as my very precious memories. Later on the other hand, many things went wrong, and that was when I really started searching for causes and answers I needed so badly. I still search for many of them, even though I’m aware that they probably don’t even exist. It is only now that my inner dialogues truly seek some form of expression, only now I have some real need for a creative outlet thanks to this never ending agitation. I don’t know where this can bring me, but it feels good to be on this path, together with all of you who liked what I wrote so far. Thank you so much for being there for me, and I’ll give my best to be there for you, too!


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